Training From Babies to Old Timers, True Leadership begins on the ground. We teach horses to make the right choices starting in hand. This allows them to find their full potential on the ground and under saddle. We give them a solid foundation based on Classic European Methodology but with a distinct twist of Cowboy Common Sense. Softness and relaxation are the keys to a fantastic ride. Make them yours.
Evaluations &
This is beneficial to your horse regardless of why it needs training. We will assess your horse and deal with any resistances as they arise. We assess its respect, trust and responsiveness. This first encounter can be intense and will indicate where the real problems and their roots lay. We use non-resistance techniques to obtain results that you will see and feel even after only one session.
3 Day Refresher This includes an evaluation and 2 discounted training sessions to reinforce the lessons learned in the evaluation. A great way to tune up the old equine partner and get him responsive, respectful and ready for work.
Trailer Loading No more Broom! The trailer should never be a source of stress for you or your horse. Traveling will be more enjoyable for both of you!
Lessons Learn to ride by building a solid foundation. Results through correct basics. Any discipline, any level...Sky's the Limit...
Match Making We will assist you in finding your perfect mount. By assessing your skills and comfort level, We will then network with a variety of sources to ensure the best possible match. A happy union is our ultimate objective.
Horse Sales We offer effective marketing of sales horses via our website and throughout the equestrian community.
* Additional Notes *
Must have appropriate work area for any "house calls" (travel fee will be charged)
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